City Tree Guards

April 2018 

To date we've put over 20,000 lbs of recycled HDPE back into use!


May/June 2018


Charitable Contribution to Natures Classroom

Charitable Donation to Trees NY

Participated in the construction of a new greenhouse for Narrow Botanical Gardens

Donation to : Brooklyn Acting Lab 


February 2018 

Charitable Contribution to Natures Classroom


January 2018 


Exhibited at Plant O Rama at Brooklyn Botanic Garden - very successful day

December 2017 

Supplied tree guards for Corpus Christi, Texas  beautification project.
Installed tree guards in Cold Spring, N.Y.
Harlem beautification project completed - 22 units installed.
Helped get a fundraiser started for Port Richmond Middle school to build their school garden.
Wagner college students are working on solar powered arduino/raspberry pi based drip irrigation system.
The results are in, phytoremediation project at natures classroom is a success, lead number went from 400 to 160 in two years
One ton of steel produces 1.8 tons of carbon while a newly planted tree removes  only 13 lbs per year, 48 lbs at maturity
Charitable contribution to SI Makerspace
Charitable Contribution to Trees NY

November 2016 

Purchasing a cnc machine with  SI Makerspace and  Toilets for People next week
Sold and/or Installed 450 Tree Guards to date!
Finalized Harlem Tree Guard Project  (16 Tree Guards) with the Hudson RIver Foundation and Envy Harlem
Donated a tree guard to the Brother /Sister School on 143rd Street in Harlem.
Sending the same school plans for the pop bottle greenhouse
Installed 12 units at Astoria Heights Park
Met the community outreach co-ordinator for Partnerships for Parks 
Attended and donated to TreesNY fundraiser.
Installed a new roof on the greenhouse at Natures Classroom (PS102 Bay Ridge)
Charitable Contribution to Brother/Sister School
Charitable Donation to Narrows Community Theater 9728 3rd Ave Brooklyn
Charitable Donation to PS 29 Queens NY


City Tree Guards enters NY Next Top Maker Competition


City Tree Guards named one of the top ten Next Top Makers Bt The NYC Dept. Of Economic Development 

Purchased a new CNC Router

New bench design based on Aldo Leopolds' work.


Built a bench top for PS 102 Natures Garden.

Made a contribution to Farm-In-The-Sky

Charitable Donation to Materials for the Arts

CHaritable Donation to Henry Street Settlement